New Adventure Awaits

ARAkis is coming

Arakis is igniting a travel revolution by harnessing the potential of blockchain and Revenue Sharing Token (RST), making travel more accessible, seamless, and enjoyable for everyone.


How it works

Find the mechanics behind our platform and see how it can help you.


  • Travel community for making friends, reviews, and earning from sharing experiences
  • An incredible travel booking platform allowing travellers to book directly with suppliers
  • Dive into a travel adventure game and get access to receive tradable rooms in return


  • Invest in global hotels, airlines, cities, and more with our unique RST portal.
  • Receive commissions for bookings made on Arakis experience for any RSTs you own after minting.
  • Within the portal, RST owners can engage in buying, trading, and selling their tokens.


  • A digital marketplace for trading and reselling room bookings and memorabilia
  • An individual will only resell rooms, holidays, and experiences purchased on Arakis
  • The users can exchange their loyalty points, which is the most significant aspect